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If you ever find yourself handling blue dollars, it may already be too late

I don’t have a gambling problem. That’s the first thing I want known. It’s also what they all say, right? No, I’m not addicted to gambling, but I have a co-dependency issue with someone who is.
I’m not the coolest guy on the block, and I’m not particularly good at anything. Ted is, though, and we’ve been best friends since we were four. He’s the one who always pushes forward blindly into adventures, and I guess I’m the one who always gets him back out when things go sideways. There’s always been an element of luck to our continued physical and financial survival, but never more than now.
We’d flown out to Napa Valley for a friend’s wedding—and already ditched the reception party at around eleven. I could hardly afford to do anything; I’d only been able to come because Ted had bought me a ticket. Because I was only there on his generosity, I followed him to the quiet and rather empty bars that sparsely dotted the area. It was beautiful country, filled with vineyards and history, but it was not a party town. This frustrated Ted, of course, who began plying locals with drinks in order to interrogate them about local hotspots. “Somebody has to be having fun in this town,” he would say with a grin.
One bitter old man finally spoke up at the third empty bar we invaded. “There’s a casino, if you really need it that bad.”
We looked at our phones, but Google Maps showed nothing.
“It won’t be on any map,” the old man said, scowling at us. “Just go south from here and you’ll find it.”
Behind our informant, I saw an unhappy look on the bartender’s face. That should have tipped me off—but Ted was already thanking the old man and heading for the door. I followed quickly, ignoring the uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Driving through the rolling hills at night was a claustrophobic and confusing experience. Our phone signal dropped, and we found ourselves driving purely by instinct. West? South? East? It was impossible to know for sure. We stuck to the sole road until it turned to dirt underneath the wheels. That’s when I almost called the whole thing.
But Ted pulled up outside a graveyard and pointed. “Look! Cars!”
And he was right: two dozen cars were parked on the grass next to an unassuming old church that had all its windows boarded up. He’d only caught the sight across the graveyard and through the trees because he’d been looking so intently. Triumphant, he said, “That’s a hidden party if I’ve ever seen one!” and carefully drove the car between the headstones to reach the improvised parking area.
I climbed out with trepidation. Even up close, the century-old church looked dilapidated, dark, and abandoned. “Come on, this is too much.”
Ted wasn’t having it. He ran right up and pushed open the front door—and bright light and the sounds of electronic games burst forth. In a moment, he was gone, and I was left to step across the high grass alone. The fact that there was actually a hidden casino here lifted my spirits a little; maybe it was all just a gimmick to encourage people to drink and gamble more.
Funny—it still sounded quiet and looked dark until the moment I cracked the door open.
The light and noise swallowed me, and I blinked repeatedly until my eyes and ears adjusted. I was almost disappointed to find that the expansive place within was exactly the same as any of the casinos Ted had made us visit in Vegas last year. Vaguely old timey red and gold carpets ran lush under warm lighting, and drunk businessmen and their accompanying younger dates played at scattered locations throughout. An old lady glared at me, defending her slot machine, and pulled the lever only after I moved past.
Finally relaxing, I shrugged. Whatever. We weren’t going to be robbed or stabbed here. This was still Napa Valley, after all.
In fact, they were rather accommodating. A wonderfully attractive waitress came by, said hello to me, and offered me a free drink on the house. I took it with bashful surprise.
Ted was already moving about the place to scout the best games and tables. I caught up to him, drink in hand, and he settled near a roulette table. “Let’s just watch for a bit,” he said quietly. “Make sure everything’s on the level. Hidden in a church like this, I doubt they stick to gaming commission codes.”
That made sense. We watched and listened for a bit, enjoying the taste of free drinks and the sight of pretty girls, as middle-aged businessmen won and lost with varying degrees of frequency. One pepper-haired Asian suit went on a lucky streak, getting the crowd all riled up—himself included. While onlookers shrieked with excitement, he bet it all.
He lost.
“Heh, seems legit,” Ted told me. “I’m gonna head over to the blackjack tables for a minute.” And he moved off to begin playing.
“That was everything I had,” the Asian businessman said, dismayed. The two girls that had been clinging to his arms disengaged and began to look disinterested. Hurriedly, he made a motion to a casino manager, and the well-dressed but subtly subservient facilitator brought him a small suitcase. It clicked open with a rush of air, and I watched as the unlucky gambler pulled out bundled stacks of blue dollar bills.
That was odd. They were American dollars—same faces, designs, and everything—just dark blue instead of green. Was this fake money? Some sort of in-house system? Come to think of it, I saw no chips, just money. If these were the replacement for chips, why all the care to make them so similar to real dollars?
The gambler in question did not have the same qualms. He gladly placed the stacks on the table. The crowd grew energized again, and the girls began showing him attention once more.
Feeling a little strange, I moved off, seeking Ted. I found him at the blackjack table as he won a hand.
Grinning, he pumped a fist. “I like this place. Come on, play.”
“I don’t have any money for this,” I told him, sheepish.
“Here’s some.” He handed me a hundred dollar bill. I took it and sat, but secretly stashed the hundred and pulled the last of my own cash reserves from my wallet. As I always did, I would return his money back to him when he wasn’t looking. He never made me feel bad about it, and he had a high-paying job besides, but I just couldn’t stomach leeching off of someone else like that.
We played a few hands while still enjoying free drinks; I drank slower to remain soberish, but Ted guzzled away, having the time of his life. He lost quite a few hands, but played well, and actually started accumulating more money than he’d come in with. I, in contrast, lost all of my meager cash rather quickly.
Upon the loss of my last dollar, a suited man with slicked-back hair and a politician’s grin approached and leaned down between us, an arm on the back edge of each of our chairs. He spoke with a thick Middle Eastern accent, although his skin was pale enough that it was uncertain what region he was from. “Gentlemen, welcome. I don’t think I’ve seen you grace our establishment before. I am Malcom.”
“Nice to meet you,” Ted said. “This place is great. Love the free drinks.”
“Yes,” Malcolm said with a widening grin. “A small expense in the face of a casino’s profits. I am not a greedy man.”
“So you’re the owner?” I asked, not wanting to be left out.
“Yes, but think of me as your friend.” He finally moved back and stood upright. His gaze shifted to me. “I see you are out of money. Would you like to keep playing?” He motioned a manager over, and a briefcase was opened before me, complete with the stacks of blue dollar bills I’d seen before.
I glanced over awkwardly.
Ted was suspicious, but open to the idea. “What are these?”
“They represent debt,” Malcolm said graciously.
“Interesting.” Ted looked to me. “You should do it, Ryan.”
But that was not my name. “I think I’m alright, Jason,” I replied. What did he have in mind? I imagined he was planning to use these blue dollars, if needed, and then slip out. They couldn’t make us pay back a debt if they had no idea who we were.
Accepting my refusal, Malcolm ordered the suitcase closed and withdrew. “Good luck, gentlemen.”
I was left with a chill and a shiver.
From then on, I could only sit and watch as Ted gambled, talked up girls, and had a good time. The free drinks were no longer offered to me, and, indeed, none of the patrons or employees would so much as look at me. I should have noticed, but, again, my life was often lonely. I simply accepted it.
We moved from game to game, eventually ending up back at roulette, and Ted soon found himself in a situation we had witnessed earlier: energized crowd, streak of lucky wins, and a potential for a huge payoff. Despite my whispered warnings, he bet everything he had. The ball bounced, the numbers were called, and I sighed.
He’d lost.
Malcolm returned with a grin I imagined to be rather hungry, and the suitcase was offered to Ted.
Someone in the crowd squeezed my forearm in warning, but by the time I looked, it was impossible to tell who had done it. “Don’t. Let’s go home.”
“Come on, Ryan!” he shouted back. I could tell he still intended to rip off the establishment. “Let’s have some fun!” Reaching down, he eagerly pulled out two armfuls of blue dollar stacks, most of which he pawned off on me. I held them as he bet blue money on another roll. It might have been my imagination, but the stacks felt subtly warm.
He won—thankfully—but that quickly led to more bets, and I watched with a sinking feeling as my load of blue dollars shrank. The eyes of the crowd were upon us very intently now, and Malcolm seemed to be staring solely at Ted—grinning only when Ted looked his way.
“We should go,” I said again, but Ted ignored me.
There were a hundred opportunities to leave, but Ted took none of them. At long last, his final blue dollar went to the house. At that point, he whispered his intent to me, and I took off running after him a heartbeat later. I made it to the door and burst into the cool night air, but Ted remained just within.
“What are you doing?” I shouted to him. “Get out here!”
He seemed horrified. He stared down at his feet as they toed the red-and-gold carpet’s edge. “I can’t! I can’t leave!”
Malcolm approached calmly behind Ted, flanked by two suited managers.
Sensing something was wrong, I leapt forward and kept the church door from closing—but I made sure to remain just outside. “Malcolm, what the hell is this?”
The grinning man gave a small laugh. “I told you that my money was a form of debt. People like your friend here never listen. They think that they can cheat the house. Perhaps that would be possible if the house, in this case, were not a demon. But it is—I am—and he is now indebted.”
I stared up at him, trembling, but it seemed that I was not in direct danger. The next question was obvious. “What does he owe?”
“The same thing that is always owed,” Malcolm told me, his grin widening along his cheeks in a starkly inhuman manner. “Each blue dollar represented a portion of his soul. If even one remained, there was a chance he might win it all back, and more, thus I would not technically own him. With not even one blue dollar left, he has no chance of escape. He is mine.”
Looking past him, I saw the patrons and the employees watching us. I understood: they were all his. The Asian businessman I had seen gambling had been one of us, free, but no longer. I looked back to Malcolm, thinking about his explanation of chance. “So you operate by rules then?”
“Of course. I am a demon, rule-bound by nature. This type of thing must be enacted fairly.”
Ted still struggled with the invisible threshold, his eyes on me, his expression desperate.
“How do I get him out?” I asked, my pulse racing. If the roles had been reversed, I was sure Ted would have had a plan, but I had no idea what to do.
Malcolm laughed softly for a full five seconds before answering. “There is nothing you can do except leave. To buy back even a single blue bill, he must have money. He has no money, therefore he cannot buy back the single blue bill required. Believe me when I tell you that this is not my establishment’s—how do you Americans say?—first rodeo.”
Ted began screaming, but a gesture from Malcolm silenced him. Ted continued moving and opening his mouth, certainly, but no noise came out.
Heart thudding in my chest hard enough that I feared I might pass out, I reached in my back pocket and slipped out the hundred dollar bill. “How many of his blue dollars will this get me?”
“It must be his money, not yours,” Malcolm replied, his expression uncertain for the first time since I’d seen him.
“It is his!” I shouted. “He gave it to me to hold!”
A manager whispered in Malcolm’s ear, and a frustrated sigh followed. “At current exchange rates, that hundred will purchase twenty-one of his blue bills.”
The other manager opened the suitcase, showing twenty-one loose bills, and I scooped them up before dropping the hundred in their place. Without warning, Ted’s screams became audible again, and he fell forward into the graveyard with me. Grabbing him by instinct, I kept him from falling completely down, and Malcolm stood staring at us with anger. Now that his careful veneer was fading, I could see ghastly undertones in his skin, and the pale outlines of numerous gnarled horns on his head—and on the heads of the managers beside him.
Ted accepted the twenty-one blue dollars from me and stood, slowly recovering his wits and breath. “Jesus, they had me.” He gripped my shoulder. “You got me out! You got me out! You always do. Thank you, thank you.”
I nodded and began backing away from that unhallowed place. “There was no way we could have known.”
“Care to make another wager?” the demon at the church door asked. “Now that you know what we are, there are greater winnings available. How would you care for immortality? Perhaps the power of flight? Or precognition? We can gift you these things, assuming you win enough.”
Ted stopped following me and turned to look back at Malcolm’s charred face.
A terrible sinking feeling overcame me. “Don’t!”
“Imagine how much we could win if we could see the future!” Ted said, still frozen in place. “We’d be set for life!”
“He’s lying!” I shouted.
“I cannot lie,” Malcolm replied with amusement. “You know this.”
“I’ll just bet twenty,” Ted called back. “I’ll still have the one, so I’ll still be free!”
I kept screaming, but Ted staggered toward that open door and pushed within. Fully gruesome now, Malcolm gave me a maggot-filled smile—and the door shut of its own accord.
Opening and closing the rotted wood a few times, I discovered nothing but a musty and abandoned church within. I could also now see that the cars parked outside were rusted and ancient, with models ranging from modern to classic. Those that had come here over the last fifty years had never left. Surely I wasn’t the first to turn down the blue soul money? How had I never heard of—
The old man at the bar.
His bitterness.
He’d lost somebody here, to this place, to Malcolm, and Ted had been an obviously doomed soul from the start. Telling him had simply sped up the inevitable.
I began the long walk home. I was alone now, but that was no longer my biggest fear. I’d done my part. I’d pulled a lucky last-minute move and saved Ted from a demon uniquely suited to his flaws—but he’d chosen to go back anyway. There was nothing I could do but go on alone and wonder when my own particular brand of demon would fall across my path. On that day, I, too, would be lost. Thus was born Malcolm’s demonic confidence: even with friends to offer one last chance at escape, we are all human.
We are each our own doom.
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Best cities to travel for summer gateways

1.Sonoma, California
Sonoma is a historic city in northern California of the renowned Sonoma Valley winemaking region. It is best known for its art galleries and the colonial-era Sonoma Plaza. A must-visit for destination for wine lovers, Sonoma boasts a bounty of wineries and vineyards and is described by U.S. News & World Report as “Napa’s rustic, less-refined and more-relaxed sister with its typical Mediterranean weather with hot, dry summers (although nights are comfortably cool) and cool, wet winters.” Sonoma is also ranked number one by U.S. News on its Best Small Towns to Visit in the U.S.A. ranking and second on its Best Places to Visit.
2.Steamboat Springs, Colorado
While Steamboat Springs might be known for its skiing activities, it’s ranked as the third best summer destination for the American travelers. The latter has 6 peaks including Mount Werner alongside the city’s geothermal hot springs are said to have therapeutic properties. Few of the more attractions known are the Yampa River Core Trail, provides beautiful views of mountains and hot springs including number of other outdoor activities to indulge in, from the Yampa River Botanic Park to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The best times to visit Steamboat Springs are between June till August and from December till the end of March.
3.Bar Harbor, Maine
This affordable weekend destination is perfect for all outdoorsy, especially with summer temperatures in the 60s and above. The town serves as a perfect gateway to the mountains and cliffs of neighboring Acadia National Park. One can enroll in kayaking, whale-watching and other activities it has to offer. Bar Harbor has been ranked U.S. News’ Best Cheap Summer Vacations, coming close to number 14.October is the ideal month for leaf peeping in Maine! while it is advisable to keep in mind that some areas and higher elevations may reach peak color in late September, but many parts of Maine are best in early to mid-October.
4.Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cape Cod, popularly called a hook-shaped peninsula of the state of Massachusetts, is a popular summertime destination for all those who long to have a quintessential New England beach vacation. With approximately 40 miles of seashore to explore, filled with sun, sand, seafood and lighthouses etc.. To get a good feel of the area’s culture, visit Provincetown, for numerous art galleries, or Sandwich for glass-blowing. The popular Wellfleet Drive-In is an ideal way to spend a summer evening under the stars. However, the months that span Memorial Day to Labor Day fall within peak tourist season for this area, so plan on booking your stay in advance.
5.Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
Shenandoah National Park located about 40 miles northwest of Charlottesville, Virginia offers plenty of activities for a weekend getaway. It extends along the Blue Ridge Mountains in the U.S. state of Virginia with the Skyline Drive runs its length, and a vast network of trails includes a section of the wide range of the Appalachian Trail. For anyone looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life this summer, you can’t beat heading to a national park. Pack up and hike along the Appalachian Trail, plan a picnic and trek out to see cascading waterfalls and wildlife, or hop in your car for a scenic drive along Skyline Drive. With more than 200,000 acres of land mass and forest to explore, camping sites, dining and lodging, and ranger programs, the park offers an ideal respite away from the busy city network. June till the end of August is the busiest season for tourism in Shenandoah National Park, so lodging and other accommodations may cost more than your usual budget.
6.Washington, Connecticut
Washington is a rural town in Litchfield County of Connecticut which falls within the New England region of the United States. The town is beastly known for its picturesque countryside, historic architecture, active civic and cultural life with a total population of 3,578 as per the 2010 census. All the diehard fans of the hit TV series “Gilmore Girls” will love a weekend trip to Washington (approx about 50 miles west of Hartford), again one of the small New England hamlets that provided inspiration for the show’s fictional town. One can invest its days strolling along the quiet streets and stopping into local cafes and indulge in bookstores, and enjoy a silent retreat at night to the Grace Mayflower Inn & Spa to name a few. Mostly all the hotel and lodges houses a full-service spa and a well regarded restaurants, meaning not just the fans of the TV show will enjoy a hectic getaway to this idyllic spot. The best times to visit Connecticut for ideal weather are between May 7th to October 21st.
7.Atlantic City, New Jersey
Atlantic City is a resort city in New Jersey facing on the Atlantic coast that’s known for its numerous casinos, massive beaches and iconic Boardwalk. The city was established in the early 1800s as a health resort, today the city is lined up with glitzy high-rise hotels and nightclubs and many other night life activates. Addition to gambling slot machines and varieties of table games, almost all the casinos offer spa treatments, performances by famous comedy and music acts, and high-end shopping. Apart from casinos, miles of shoreline and a renowned boardwalk, the city is a great summer getaway from the nearby biggest manmade concrete jungle New York City. While one is not relaxing on the beach, take a 228-step hike up to the top of Absecon Lighthouse for panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. Kids will love a visit to the Atlantic City Aquarium and Storybook Land, and all ages will have fun at the Steel Pier, a nearly century-old amusement park with rides for young and old. It is always advisable to book your room in advance as because summer is the most popular time to visit. Hotel prices aren’t as high as they were in the city’s heyday as expected.
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43 Drivers in 43 Days - Day 8 - Brendan Gaughan

Filling in for the missing day, under constent of sriliff.
Brendan Gaughan
2013 Rides:
Cup: 51 Phoenix Racing Chevrolet Note: Same car, but was raced by AJ Allmendinger in the photo.
Nationwide: #21/33 South Point Hotel & Casino Chevrolet
Trucks: #62 South Point Hotel & Casino Chevrolet
Nationwide: #2 Brian Scott, #3 Austin Dillon, #33 Various Drivers
Trucks: #3 Ty Dillon
Pre-Pro Racing Career: Gaughan was born in LA, California in 1975. He attended Georgetown University, playing collegiate basketball and NCAA football. He raced off-road in Nevada, for divisions such as SNORE (Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts) and SODA (Short-course Off-road Drivers Association), racing these series from 1991 to 1998.
1997: Made his Truck Series debut in the #20 Orleans Hotel & Casino for Walker Evans, finished 24th.
1998: Started in two races for Evans once again, and participated in the one-time exhibition race in Japan known as the Coca-Cola 500 (Finals laps of race). Also made his Winston West Series (now K&N Pro Series West), racing for his father, Michael. In the 5 races he attempted, he accomplished two Top 5’s.
1999: Continued racing in the Truck and Winston West Series, for Evans and his father, respectively. Improved in the Winston West, completing the full schedule and achieving many Top 5’s and 10’s.
2000: Brendan switched owners in the Truck Series, then racing for Bill McAnally and the #62 NAPA Chevrolet, and also gained NAPA as a sponsor in the Winston West. With 2 wins and eleven Top 10’s in the West Series, Gaughan was able to clinch the championship, but didn’t make much noise in Trucks. 2000 Car for Winston West
2001: Raced variously in the Truck Series once again, and also accomplished his 2nd championship in the Winston West Series. Also made his debut in the Busch Series (now Nationwide Series) for Ed Whitaker. 2001 Car for Winston West
2002: Began racing full time in the Truck Series for his father’s operation, in the #62 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet. In what was his rookie season, he managed two wins, five Top 5’s, and nine Top 10’s. He attempted to in the Winston Cup Series (now Sprint Cup), but failed to qualify for the one race. He also raced in a singular race for what would be his last appearance in the Winston West Series. (Car for only Winston West appearance)
2003: In what would be his banner year in the Truck Series, Gaughan once again raced for his father, under the sponsorship of Orleans Hotel & Casino. He accomplished 6 wins and several Top 10’s, and was in contention for the championship until a controversial crash with merely 30 laps to go. The controversy involved extra entries of Ultra Motorsports to help Musgrave (another contender for the championship), one which caused the crash.
2004: Gaughan was lucky enough to grab the attention of Jasper Motorsports in 2004, and was able to achieve a full-time NEXTEL Cup ride in the #77 Kodak Dodge. This jump to Cup level caused him to drop focus on the Busch Series and Truck Series, and made no starts in either series. In the season, he managed one Top 5 and 4 Top 10’s, and lost the ride at the end of the season, and was replaced by Travis Kvapil.
2005-2008: Attempting to return to his former success in the Trucks, Gaughan returned to his father’s operation in the #77 Jasper Engines Dodge. However, he did not have the success he had in 2002-2003, not managing any wins in these 4 years, and was constantly losing and gaining sponsorship. 2006-2007 Truck
2009-2010: Gaughan was hired in 2009 to race for Rusty Wallace, alongside his son Steve, in the Nationwide Series. While not achieving any wins, Gaughan was fairly consistent in the 2 years, and accomplish a Top 10 in points for 2009. The team was disbanded after the conclusion of 2010. Also raced in the Cup Series for one race under the Phoenix Racing banner in the #71.
2011: Returning to the Trucks after losing his ride in the Nationwide Series, Gaughan raced for Germain Racing in the #62 South Point Toyota. While consistent, he once again remained winless in the season, and left the team for Richard Childress in 2012.
2012: For the first time in Gaughan’s career, he raced for all Top 3 Series in the 2012 season. For Cup, he raced the #33 Chevrolet, but didn’t manage any decent finishes in the 4 races that he ran. For Nationwide, he raced the #33 Chevrolet again for 10 races, getting several Top 5’s. For Trucks, he raced the #2 for 8 races, and managed four Top 5’s. While all of his operations were part-time with RCR, he was able to prove himself to earn a full-time ride in 2013 for Trucks.
2013: Gaughan raced for RCR full-time in Trucks, and was highly consistent, with an average finish in the season of 11th, and finished 7th in points. Also raced in Cup and Nationwide part-time. Note: Photos of rides available near top of page.Future: In October of 2013, RCR announced a full-time ride for Gaughan in Nationwide.
Wins: 0
Top 5’s: 1
Top 10’s: 4
Poles: 0
Best Standings Postion: 28th (2004)
Wins: 0
Top 5’s: 9
Top 10’s: 22
Poles: 1
Best Standings Position: 9th (2009)
Wins: 8
Top 5’s: 47
Top 10’s: 80
Poles: 3
Best Standings Position: 4th (2003)
Note: I had difficulty finding photos of his rides from the late 90's, sorry about that, hope you enjoyed!
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What's happening around town (Wed, May 18th - Tue, May 24th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, May 18th

Thursday, May 19th

  • American Craft Beer Week (Oak & Ore) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🍴 Automobile Alley Shop Hop (Waters Edge Winery) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us every third Thursday of the month for great food, drink specials, and various retailer discounts!
  • 🎭 The Beauty in Illness: A Fundraising Performance (The Depot - Norman) Start Time: 6:30pm Theatre Artist and Rare Disease Patient Advocate, Tonia Sina, is partnering with the Namron Players Theatre to perform “The Beauty in Illness: A Fundraising Performance.” The evening will contain a performance featuring vignettes performed by local artists portraying real stories of chronically ill and disabled patients. There will also be…
  • 🎓 Norman Central - Microsoft Excel, Day 4 (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 1:00pm Microsoft Excel is the premier computer program for building data sheets and useful tables quickly and easily. Come to the Library to get this powerful tool into your personal toolbox! In the fourth day of this four-day series, participants will learn how to manage and analyze large amounts of information by working with Pivot Tables,…
  • 🎓 Norman Central - QuickBooks (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 10:00am Come learn small business budgeting skills using QuickBooks! This two-day series will take you from "sure, I've heard of QuickBooks" to feeling comfortable and confident budgeting for your business using QuickBooks, whether your business is online or in-person. Good computer skills are needed. Registration is requested. Click the "Register"…
  • 🍴 Christians on Campus Thursday Dinner and Fellowship (University of Oklahoma - Norman) Start Time: 6:30pm Every Thursday we come together for dinner and fellowship in God's word. Come hear the riches of Christ ministered from the Scriptures that can be applied to your everyday life. Also meet others who are pursuing the Lord in their college years.
  • 🎨 David Steele Overholt in the Showroom (Oklahoma Contemporary) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 11:00am In One Ear … is a kaleidoscopic study of broadcast media's influence on forming and keeping relationships. In the new media installation by David Steele Overholt, a generatively formed loop of appropriated videos are beat-matched to music playing on a locally transmitted radio station, creating a nostalgic spectacle of color at night and a…
  • 🎓 DEEP (Diabetes Empowerment Education program) (Purcell Public Library - Purcell) Start Time: 10:00am Instructors from the Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative will present this 6 week series of interactive programs developed to help people understand diabetes and teach specific things they can do to manage the disease, prevent or delay complications, and improve their well being. Expect classes to be 90 minutes long. Register online or call the…
  • 🎨 Drink & Draw (Tree and Leaf) Start Time: 8:00pm Drink & Draw is hosted every Thursday at either Brass Bell Studios, The Okay See, or Tree & Leaf from 8-11pm.
    Here is the weekly schedule:
    1st Thursday: The Okay See
    2nd Thursday: Brass Bell Studios
    3rd - 4th - 5th Thursdays: Tree & Leaf
    Drink & Draw is open to anyone that wants to attend. While consuming alcohol is welcome, it…
  • 🎓 English as a Second Language Class (Purcell Public Library - Purcell) Start Time: 7:00pm English as a Second Language class. All materials are provided.
  • Eric Brace And Peter Cooper (The Blue Door) Start Time: 8:00pm Grammy nominees Eric Brace & Peter Cooper have created a body of work that reflects their journalistic sensibilities, a love of harmony and wry humor, and their deep respect for the masters they've played with. April 2013 marks the release of Eric Brace & Peter Cooper's third duo record, The Comeback Album , a sparkling set of songs that feature…
  • 🎓 Essential Grant Skills (Cole Community Center) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:30am Learn core grant skills in only 2 days! It's fast-paced! Focus on the areas that are most crucial, challenging—and rewarding! Plus, get a thorough overview of the entire grant proposal development process.
    Don't have 5 days to dedicate to professional development? This training covers all the bases in a compact, powerful, cost-effective…
  • genealogy help at the McClain County Museum (Purcell Public Library - Purcell) Start Time: 2:00pm The Purcell Public Library and the McClain County Museum (203 W. Washington St. Purcell OK 73080) present genealogy help at the McClain County Museum. an experienced genealogist and museum staff will help you with your genealogy and history questions. This program will be held at the McClain County Museum.
  • 🏃 Get Fit: Couch to 5K Training (Noble Public Library - Noble) Start Time: 5:30pm Join us as we train to walk/run a 5K. We'll meet at 5:30 at Ken King Park. Each session will start with a brief talk about fitness and running, and then we'll split into a walking group and a running group. The distance will start small and increase a little each week. We'll also have a suggested training schedule for you. This is a great way to…
  • 🎨 Guerrilla Art Park (Oklahoma Contemporary) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 11:00am Artists: Apply to be part of our first installment of Guerrilla Art Park - an outdoor sculpture exhibition near our Showroom on the site of our future arts campus. We are accepting submissions now through the month of May, and planning to install in June - it's going to be a lightning-fast operation, but we are excited to activate the…
  • 🎓 HLA, DAY meeting (Lakeside Methodist Church) Start Time: 1:30pm Hearing Loss Association meets every 3rd Thursday. November topic is “Ototoxic Drugs” Pharmacist Whitney Rohlman will be our speaker and she will enlighten us on ototoxic drugs and how they relate to hearing loss
  • Hospice Volunteer Opportunities (New Century Hospice, Inc.) Last Day Start Time: 9:00am The services you will give as a Hospice volunteer will profoundly improve the quality of our patient's lives. Friendly visits enable families to keep their loved ones at home, around the people they love, and the things they love. Assisting with errands helps a tired family cope with their many challenges and allows them time with their loved…
  • in March: Take One Improv (District House) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • Interface (Cox Convention Center) Start Time: 8:30am Interface OKC will be held from 8:30 a.m.-4:45 p.m. on May 19 at Cox Convention Center.
  • The Jungle Book Festival (Myriad Botanical Gardens) Thru Sun, May 22nd Look for the bare necessities in the Children’s Garden at Myriad Botanical Gardens. This Oklahoma City garden will…
  • Live Model Figure Drawing Session (Oklahoma Contemporary) Start Time: 7:45pm
  • 🎓 Our City, Our Collection (Oklahoma City Museum of Art) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am In celebration of the many extraordinary acquisitions that have made the Oklahoma City Museum of Art the premiere collecting institution in central Oklahoma, the exhibition Our City, Our Collection: Building the Museum’s Lasting Legacy tells the story of the Museum’s history as a series of transformative gifts, bequests and…
  • Public Ferry River Cruises in May (Oklahoma River Cruises) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 11:30am With four river landings, it's easy travel the Oklahoma River. Learn more about each of the landings and where they're located.
    The ferry transit schedule varies throughout the season.
    *** Purchase your tickets onboard**
    **Trip times in black are 1 hr 40 min round trip*
    *** Theme Cruises are on all evening service departures the last…
  • 🎡 Shop Hop on Auto Alley (Automobile Alley) Start Time: 6:00pm Thursday, January 21, 2016
    6:00-9:00 p.m.
    Broadway Ave. between NW 4th and 10th streets
    On the Third Thursday of every month, cruise historic Automobile Alley for open house events at local shops, extended shopping hours at retailers, live music, street artists and performers, kids' activities, great food from Auto Alley…
  • Success with Don't Make Ghosts and Klamz (89th Street Collective) Start Time: 8:00pm Success - Punk rock from Seattle, WA Don't Make Ghosts KLAMZ $5!!
  • 🎨 Summer Wheat: Everything Under the Sun (Oklahoma Contemporary) Last Day Start Time: 9:00am Step into another world where Summer Wheat explores an extensive portrayal of what she imagines to be behind the wall in Vermeer’s historical painting, *The Milk Maid. *Wheat will create an immersive, site-specific experience which includes painting, sculpting, architecture, and installation. The exhibit and artist-in-residency will serve as…
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week (Loony Bin Comedy Club) Thru Sat, May 21st Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM, 10:30 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM, 10:30 PM…
  • 🍴 Wine for the People: California (Vast) Start Time: 5:30pm Napa and Sonoma enthusiasts unite! Whatever your preference is we will have it all at Wine for the People: California on May 19th at 5:30PM. Guests will enjoy tastings of various California wines presented by Thirst Wine Merchants and locally sourced fare prepared by our culinary team.
  • 🎓 Zumba (Moore Public Library - Moore) Start Time: 6:00pm Latin and International music creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system! Participants must sign a waiver each class, and anyone under 18 must have parent/guardian consent and signature. This program is made possible through the Health Literacy Grant by Oklahoma Department of Libraries, Oklahoma Literacy Resource Office, and…

Friday, May 20th

  • 🎡 3rd Friday Block pARTy (Downtown - Shawnee) During the 3rd Friday Block pARTy in Shawnee, local restaurants, art galleries and merchants are open late in the…
  • ACBW Extravaganza: Florida Firsties! (Oak & Ore) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Air Supply in Concert (Grand Casino Hotel & Resort - Shawnee) Come to Grand Casino Hotel & Resort in Shawnee for the smooth sounds of Air Supply. Since the late 1970s, Air Supply…
  • Daemon Rising et al. (Your Mom's Place)
  • Dodgers vs Bees (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark) Start Time: 7:05pm vs Salt Lake Bees Friday Fireworks / Home Run For Life / Moore Youth Baseball Association Family Night / XPogo Presented by Heartland Flyer
  • The Jungle Book Festival (Myriad Botanical Gardens) Thru Sun, May 22nd Look for the bare necessities in the Children’s Garden at Myriad Botanical Gardens. This Oklahoma City garden will…
  • 🎡 May Daze Festival (Main St & Broadway - Blanchard) Day 1 of 2 The annual May Daze Festival marks the unofficial start to summer in Blanchard. This event, held downtown on Main…
  • 🎓 Oklahoma Modernism Weekend (Oklahoma City First Presbyterian Church) Thru Sun, May 22nd Join the Okie Mod Squad in celebrating all things mid-century at the Oklahoma Modernism Weekend. Held on the grounds of…
  • Prophets & Outlaws (Wormy Dog Saloon)
  • Slaid Cleaves (The Blue Door)
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week (Loony Bin Comedy Club) 1 day left Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM, 10:30 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM, 10:30 PM…
  • 🎭 Wanderlust (Oklahoma History Center) Thru Sun, May 22nd Come see professional modern and aerial dancers perform at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center in Oklahoma City. Watch…

Saturday, May 21st

  • ACBW Extravaganza: #SessionSaturday! (Oak & Ore) Start Time: 12:00pm
  • The Beach Boys (Civic Center Music Hall) Head to the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City to catch The Beach Boys in concert. Relive some of the band's…
  • Big Game w/ Alex Sanchez - Halloween Edition (Opolis - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm Alex Sanchez hosts the Halloween Edition of BIG GAME, A live game show experience!
    Your celebrity judge is, The Devil!
  • Car & Bike Show (Black Hawk Casino - Shawnee) Head to the Black Hawk Casino Car & Bike Show to view row after row of beautiful automobiles and motorcycles. The…
  • Dodgers vs Bees (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark) Start Time: 7:05pm vs Salt Lake Bees Braum's Friends & Family / Girl Scout Night
  • Dwight Yoakam in Concert (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Few entertainers hold the iconic status of Dwight Yoakam, so come watch this legendary artist perform his top hits at…
  • Eric Daino (Your Mom's Place)
  • Ghosts of Fort Reno Tour (Historic Fort Reno - El Reno) Come along on an exciting and spooky ghost tour at El Reno's historic Fort Reno. This ghost tour includes…
  • 🎡 Heard on Hurd (Broadway & Hurd - Edmond) On the third Saturday of each month, downtown Edmond hosts a pop up celebration called Heard on Hurd. Local musicians…
  • The Jungle Book Festival (Myriad Botanical Gardens) 1 day left Look for the bare necessities in the Children’s Garden at Myriad Botanical Gardens. This Oklahoma City garden will…
  • 🎡 May Daze Festival (Main St & Broadway - Blanchard) Day 2 of 2 The annual May Daze Festival marks the unofficial start to summer in Blanchard. This event, held downtown on Main…
  • Megafauna (Red Brick Bar - Norman)
  • 🎓 Oklahoma Modernism Weekend (Oklahoma City First Presbyterian Church) 1 day left Join the Okie Mod Squad in celebrating all things mid-century at the Oklahoma Modernism Weekend. Held on the grounds of…
  • Oklahoma Mommies Stick Together Craft Show (Mustang Public Library - Mustang) Hosted by Oklahoma Mommies Stick Together, the Craft Show in Mustang will welcome a variety of vendors and craft makers…
  • Randy Rogers Band (The Criterion) Head to the Criterion in OKC’s Bricktown to catch the energy of a live Randy Rogers Band show. Show by show, this…
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week (Loony Bin Comedy Club) Last Day Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!!(8:00 PM, 10:30 PM)
    Triple Feature Week OKC!!! View Biography and Show Prices
    8:00 PM, 10:30 PM…
  • 🎭 Wanderlust (Oklahoma History Center) 1 day left Come see professional modern and aerial dancers perform at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center in Oklahoma City. Watch…

Sunday, May 22nd

  • The Jungle Book Festival (Myriad Botanical Gardens) Last Day Look for the bare necessities in the Children’s Garden at Myriad Botanical Gardens. This Oklahoma City garden will…
  • OKC Thunder 2016 Playoffs: Round 3, Home Game 1 v Golden State (Chesapeake Energy Arena) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🎓 Oklahoma Modernism Weekend (Oklahoma City First Presbyterian Church) Last Day Join the Okie Mod Squad in celebrating all things mid-century at the Oklahoma Modernism Weekend. Held on the grounds of…
  • 🎭 Wanderlust (Oklahoma History Center) Last Day Come see professional modern and aerial dancers perform at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center in Oklahoma City. Watch…

Monday, May 23rd

  • 🎭 Bullets Over Broadway (Civic Center Music Hall) Thru Sun, May 29th Head to the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City to see how Broadways are made in the most hilarious way possible.…
  • Drown Night at Saints (Plaza District) Start Time: 8:00pm All you can drink Anthem beer for $8 starting at 8pm.
  • #FreeCoffeeMondays (District House) Start Time: 7:00am 7:00am - 10:30am. A free small cup of coffee for anyone who comes in.
  • Milk Moms (Thrive Mama Collective) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Otep et al. (Diamond Ballroom)
  • Pint Night (The Mule) Start Time: 5:00pm Come try a new brew and keep the glass while you're at it!
  • Public Access: Open Mic Mondays (District House) Start Time: 8:00pm Got talents? Come rock the mic.
    Hosted by Matt Raney

Tuesday, May 24th

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[index] [31244] [8365] [27310] [21195] [16718] [23723] [26680] [7463] [6207] [31871]

5 Best CHEAP Buffets in Las Vegas Right Now - YouTube

In this video, we’ll show you the 10 best things to do in California. SUBSCRIBE and TURN ON 🔔 Thank you! 😍 CHAPTERS:0:00 Intro0:15 10. SAN DIEGOIt is known... Live on the Strip - Veer Tower West 2BD 2BA - Vegas High Rise Condo Check out even better Luxury Mansion Tour videos on my other 2 Channels: 🔥 https://www.yo... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Young MMA fighters from Seattle and Belgium participate in "Conquest of the Cage" at Northern Quest Casino in Airway Heights, Washington on Friday, Nov. 15, ... I saw this amazing Ford Shelby Cobra in near Napa, California at the Yountville Napa Valley Father's Day Invitational Auto Show. lifeistoofast uploaded a video 7 years ago 1:27 Twin Pine Casino and Hotel near Napa Valley is owned and operated by the Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California. Casino Players must be at least 21 years of age. Please gamble responsibly. All you can eat in Las Vegas doesn't have to cost all your money. Here are the five most affordable buffets with the best food in Las Vegas right now. IT'S ... Join us as we set out to explore Winnemucca Nevada's RV parks and campgrounds. They are a perfect retreat from all of the excitement Winnemucca has to offer;... Get more Tips here! http://www.destinationtips.comDivide your time between the island’s rich cultural history and beaches so beautiful you’d be hard-pressed ... https:/ Twin Pine Casino & Hotel is located in Middletown, California—conveniently situated at the northern gateway to the world famous Napa Valley. Our state-of-the-art ...